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Foundation Female Cutting Course

Foundation Female Cutting Course, a program meticulously crafted to enhance your foundational knowledge in hair cutting and styling, preparing you for a successful career as a Hairstylist. Here are the details:


Course Overview

Our Foundation Female Cutting Course is structured to elevate your basic cut knowledge and equip you with essential hair styling skills, laying a robust foundation for a flourishing career in the realm of hairstyling.


Course Details

Duration: 5 weeks
Charges: Rs. 250,000/-
Payment Options: Course fees can be paid either in a lump sum or through convenient installment plans.



The course encompasses two weeks of theoretical instruction to establish a strong foundation.
Following this, two weeks are dedicated to hands-on makeup practice. Please note that you are required to bring your own models for practical sessions.


Trainer Expertise

Our trainers are seasoned professionals in the industry, bringing a wealth of experience. They will be readily available to guide and assist you throughout the course, ensuring a rich learning experience.


Course Objectives

By the conclusion of the course, you can expect to achieve a comprehensive understanding of various hair types. Additionally, you will develop the skills to curate your cutting mood board and create diverse looks, marking a significant step towards becoming a versatile and successful hairstylist.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your growth in the world of hairstyling.